Monday, July 20, 2015

Introducing Thelonious Mouse

Much of my studio time recently has been taken up by a painting I'm working on for a local art exhibit, which means that my baseboard mice are taking a bit of a vacation.  But.... today I would like to introduce you to the latest mouse.  Thelonious Mouse.   

Thelonious Mouse

Thelonious Mouse loves music, especially jazz.  And like his namesake, comes from Rocky Mount, NC.  Thelonious adores his sunglasses - he is a bit of a showmouse and aims to stand out in a crowd.  If you have a piano in your house, you are bound to hear music if Thelonious Mouse is nearby.

Thelonious Mouse already has a home I believe (THANK YOU!!!), but if you are interested in a mouse of your very own, just shoot me an email (

There is one more addition to my Baseboard Mice series waiting to be photographed.  She's very cute and her name is Lilly.  She is available to be "adopted".  And just as soon as I get a photo, I'll be back to introduce her to you.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  And special thanks to all of you who have "adopted" my mice.  (I hope they are all behaving!!)


Monday, July 6, 2015

Introducing Phyllis - a new Mouse in the House

Today, I would like to introduce you to Phyllis, a recent addition to my Baseboard Mice series.  Phyllis is a delightful character.  She loves to travel - in  campers and sailboats most of all.  The mountains of North Carolina and the turquoise water in the Florida Keys keep her going back and forth.  Phyllis also has musical talents.  She can play both the piano and the xylophone.  And most of fun of all, take her to a party and you'll find that she loves to dance on tables.


Phyllis has already been adopted (Thank You!!!), but if you want a baseboard mouse of your very own, be sure to let me know.  And I think that Zach is still available over on the mouse website, if you would like to meet him.  There's an adorable little girl baseboard mouse just about finished in my studio and she'll be available in the next day or so.  Don't forget, you can also request a "custom" mouse.  Perhaps you've got a special name in mind, or a personality.   Just let me know!!  

Thanks for stopping by!!