Friday, December 2, 2016

There's a New Mouse In the House!!

Painting mice has taken a backseat to other paintings - and several road trips this past summer.  Last week, though, I did get an urge to paint another mouse.  So, I put the painting that was on my easel aside for a little bit and replaced it with a wee mouse hole.  And before too long, a little mouse was peering out at me from the hole.  

Today, he is ready for adoption.  But I didn't have a name for him yet.  Sometimes names come while I'm painting and sometimes I have to search the internet for the "right" name.  I even keep a list of possible names.  Some of my friends have even emailed names they like!  Those get added to the list of "possibles", too.  Today, though, it was different.  I was working on another painting and turned to pick up more paint with my brush when my eye caught the little mouse staring back at me.  (there's a row of paintings along the wall right behind my painting table)  I did the most logical thing and asked "What's your name?".  Now you just might think I'm a bit crazy, and I swear I didn't see his little mouth move, and I didn't hear a little mouse voice, but a name immediately popped into my head.  Loud.  Right there, no doubt. Wilbur. He's Wilbur.
Wilbur - a Baseboard Mouse

Wilbur comes from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  I think perhaps he hitched a ride back with us from our trip there in September.  He likes to consider himself a "Yooper".  That's what the folks who live in the Upper Peninsula call themselves.  Wilbur loves pasties - a favorite food of the area.  He also loves snow and building snowmice. 

The mice's website has been down again recently.  It's up again now, though, and with any luck it will stay that way.  (Long "technical" story - if you're interested in it, just send me an email and I'll explain.)  If you haven't been to the website to see the mice available for "adoption" recently - or if you tried and couldn't get there - here's a link.....   (They make great stocking stuffers!)

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